Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme 2022

Active8 Minds are proud to be the only Hampshire provider for the Wellbeing Through Sport Programme.

The Wellbeing Through Sport programme aims to help individuals run, jump, think and feel your way to better mental and physical health!

Did you know?

  • 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14 years.
  • In England, 39.2% of those aged 6-16years in 2021 had experienced deterioration in mental health
  • Rates of probable mental disorders in CYP (6-16years) have increased since 2017; from 1 in 9 to 1 in 6 in 2021.

Mental health problems in children and young people can lead to:

  • Lower educational attainment
  • Increase the risk of physical health problems
  • Strongly associated with behaviours which pose a risk to health

The benefits of physical activity for children are endless including:

  • Improved Motor & cognitive development
  • Improved Psychological and social well being
  • Improved Cardio-metabolic health & reducing body fat
  • Building resilience
  • Supporting recover from mental health problems


Working in partnership with the mental health experts at Wellbeing Through Sport, Active8 Minds will deliver a fun and engaging, DFE quality assured programme to the children at your school.

Benefits to your school:

  • DFE Quality assured Senior Mental Health Lead Training
  • Supports a whole school approach
  • Delivers the mental wellbeing components of the RSE curriculum
  • Helps schools meet OFSTED requirements
  • Promotes good physical health
  • Promotes good mental health
  • Prevents mental ill health

To find out how the Wellbeing Through Sport programme can benefit your school please email: