Active8 Minds Sport and Childcare Franchise


If the answer is YES then we are excited to offer you the opportunity to achieve your professional and personal goals with the Active8 Minds® sport and childcare franchise.

As part of the Active8 Minds® family you will work in partnership with local schools and local authorities to offer a complete bespoke sport and childcare package, from before and after school clubs to holiday clubs.

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Discover a rewarding opportunity with our sports coaching franchise, specializing in childcare and sports programs. No prior experience required! Whether you prefer to work in or on your business, we have a model that suits your needs. Reach out to our company director for insights on how to thrive with your very own franchise.

Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of schools, children, and communities:

  • Comprehensive wraparound care for Primary Schools
  • Engaging holiday clubs catering to ages 5-12
  • Dynamic lunchtime clubs designed for primary schools
  • Tailored Physical Education packages for Primary Schools
  • Exciting birthday party experiences
  • Support for pupil premium packages aligned with school, group, and individual funding objectives
  • Stimulating preschool sports programs for ages 3-4
  • Reliable INSET day cover services for Primary Schools
  • Smooth transition day assistance
  • Collaborative community projects
  • Promoting health, wellbeing, and cultural awareness through creative activities

Embark on your journey to success with our proven franchise model. Contact us today to learn more about this fulfilling opportunity!


Regular physical activity is associated with numerous health benefits for children.

The UK chief medical officers recommend that all children and young people should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day.

Many schools already offer an average of two hours of PE or other physical activities per week. However, we need to do more to encourage children to be active every day.

What about the benefits to adults?

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Mood
  • Social Interaction
  • Cognitive Benefits
  • Routine and Structure
  • Distraction from Negative Thoughts
  • Better Sleep
  • Community and Belonging
  • Body Image and Self-Esteem

We provide you with a proven model for success!

Comprehensive Training and Support

For a successful sport and childcare franchise, prioritizing comprehensive training and continuous support is key. At our franchise, we understand the importance of both initial and ongoing development for our franchisees, making our investment opportunity truly compelling.

Our objective is to ensure that each franchisee can consistently deliver on our brand promise while achieving financial success. Training plays a crucial role in reaching this goal, and we take pride in offering the most extensive franchise training package in the industry.

Upon joining our franchise, you’ll undergo expert training to equip you with the necessary skills for launching your business in your selected territory. Additionally, you’ll benefit from continuous support throughout your journey as a franchisee. With our focus on training and support, you’ll be well-prepared to thrive in the competitive sports and childcare market.

Highly effective business model

Unlock the potential for success by embracing the renowned Active8 Minds® business model, complete with proven formulas, streamlined processes, and robust systems. By leveraging our esteemed brand, you’ll stand out amidst competitors, benefiting from Active8 Minds®’ stellar reputation that fosters instant recognition and sets clear expectations for your clientele. Anticipate substantial turnovers, projecting £100k+ in year 1, £200k+ in year 2, and approximately £300k+ in year 3, accompanied by gross profits reaching up to £66k, £118k, and £158k, respectively.

Exclusive Franchise Territory

Secure your foothold in the market with an exclusive UK territory tailored solely for your franchise operation. This strategic allocation ensures that you hold the reins for operations and marketing within your designated area, shielding you from competition. Crafted meticulously to uphold fairness and scalability, our expansive territories empower you to harness growth opportunities and maximize revenue potential as your business flourishes.

Lead Generation/Customer Retention

Empowering you with the essential skills in lead generation and customer retention is paramount to kickstarting and nurturing your business for sustained growth.

In the competitive landscape of sport, childcare, and franchise industries, customer retention stands as the differentiator between thriving enterprises and stagnant ones. The ability to retain clientele directly correlates with achieving your business objectives. Our comprehensive training covers all facets of Active8 Minds® strategies, equipping you with the tools to foster long-term relationships with your customers. By implementing these strategies adeptly, you’ll not only ensure repeat business but also stimulate referrals, amplifying your reach and solidifying your position in the market.

Everything you need to build a successful, lifestyle friendly business
in your chosen territory!

Why choose the Active8 Minds® sport and childcare franchise?

Recognised and respected brand

Lead Generation tools and exceptional customer retention and referrals

Proven Business formula to operate your business

Exceptional training in all areas of the business. plus, ongoing training, mentoring, coaching and support

Exclusive Territory

Quality Franchise Association Member

Who we look for?

At Active8 Minds®, we seek individuals who resonate with our vision, beliefs, and trajectory, especially within the dynamic realms of sport, childcare, and franchise ventures. Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey with an Active8 Minds® franchise presents an unparalleled opportunity in these thriving sectors.

Seize the moment and explore the potential for a lucrative venture in your preferred territory. Reach out today to discover how you can initiate your path to success! Simply fill out the form below, and a seasoned member of our team will promptly connect with you.

Introducing Our Comprehensive Sport and Childcare Franchise Package

Gain access to a wealth of benefits with our sought-after sport and childcare franchise package:

  • Exclusive rights to operate under the esteemed Active8 Minds® brand name
  • Secure an exclusive franchise territory to maximize your market potential
  • Harness the power of a centralized website to bolster your online presence
  • Comprehensive training across all facets of the business to ensure your proficiency
  • Streamlined processes, systems, and templates to facilitate seamless operations
  • Receive continuous support and regular business updates from our seasoned management team
  • Access an extensive operations manual covering every aspect of running your franchise
  • Elevate your brand presence with branded clothing for a professional image
  • Equip yourself with full equipment and stock packages containing all essentials for your classes
  • Kickstart your marketing journey with a tailored launch for your business
  • Access a suite of marketing materials, stationery, documents, and collateral to bolster your promotional efforts

Take advantage of our special offer at £14995 +VAT and embark on your Active8 Minds journey alongside our esteemed franchisees. Join us today and unlock the pathway to success in the sport and childcare industry.

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