Find some of the most common questions we get asked below. If you can’t find an answer below give us a call on: 01243 696580

Can I make a booking over the phone?

All bookings need to be made online via the booking system, for same day bookings after midday, please call 01243 696580

Can I cancel sessions and get a refund?

As per our T&Cs bookings missed or cancelled sessions will not be refunded unless a doctors note is shown.

Can I extend my session to a late collection

Yes, please call or email the Active8 Minds team.

My account has been locked what do I do?

Please contact the office on 01243 696580 or bookings@active8minds.co.uk.

I have received an invoice and I don't know what it's for?

Please log into your Active8 Minds account where you can see a breakdown of bookings and invoices. 

Can I pay monthly?

Unfortunately you cannot book for the term and pay retrospectively in monthly payments. However you can book for a month and pay for that booking. We cannot guarantee a space will be available as bookings are on a first come first served basis. We can also add monthly payments to your account as credit to use for future bookings.

Where can I see a timetable of the activities offered at after school clubs

Timetables and/or newsletters can be found at the after school club and school reception areas. 

Do I have to rebook each term and if so when?

Yes, booking is available online towards the end of each school term for the following term.

Do I have to pay when booking?

Yes, a booking will not be confirmed without payment. This can be childcare vouchers, online payment via WorldPay or credit

Do I have to book for the whole term?

No, you are able to book 1 session or a multiple of sessions as well as a term booking.

Can I pay by childcare vouchers?

Yes, all details for childcare voucher payments can be found on our website

Do you do Birthday Parties?

Yes, please email all enquiries to bookings@active8minds.co.uk

How will my child know where to go after school?

Each school operates differently, however children are usually escorted to a central meeting place by school staff where they will then be signed in by Active8 Minds staff. Please speak to your school or the Active8 Minds team for specific detail about your school.

What does my child need to bring?

All Active8 Minds clubs are different however for general before/after school clubs a refillable water bottle and a snack are required. Children are welcome to bring a change of clothes if they wish to do so. For football clubs your child may need boots and shin pads. Please check with your coach. 

What is your OFSTED number for **(school)**?

Please see the details on our website for Ofsted numbers

Who do I call if I am late collecting my child?

Please take a note of the club mobile number which is displayed at the club. Alternatively call the Active8 Minds office on 01243 696580. Please note late collections may apply