Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions 2018

Terms and Conditions

‘I’,’us’,’we’ and ‘our’ will relate to Active8 Minds and the coaching team.


GDPR compliance (as of 19th March 2018)

Please visit https://active8.wraparoundcarebooking.co.uk/GetStarted/Terms


1.A signed and completed child participation form will act as a legally binding contractual agreement between you (the parent/guardian) and us. Part of this agreement is that the costs will be paid in the allotted time and terms and conditions will be agreed to as stipulated by us who in turn will deliver the sessions on the dates and times as stated in our programme of activities

2. A completed and signed booking form is required for any child that wishes to attend any before, after school or holiday clubs.

3.A full terms notice is required if you wish to cancel any pre-booked sessions.  You will be charged for the remainder, regardless of whether your child attends or not.

4.Large bookings will be subject to a 25% non-refundable deposit (to be included with the booking form)

5.A large booking is deemed to be a booking of 5 or more sessions per week (wake up club and/or after school clubs) or 3 days per week for holiday clubs.

6.New booking forms will be made available to parents/guardians before the final session of term is delivered and can also be found on our website: www.active8minds.co.uk

7.Spaces at some establishments are limited and are on a first come first serve basis

8.Any details obtained from the child participation form will not be passed on to any third party/company. They will be used solely for the purpose of parent/guardian contact, invoice purposes and generic details about the child which are deemed appropriate to engaging in physical activities such as medical conditions

9.To re iterate a signed child participation form acts as a contractual agreement between the parent/guardian and us


10.All course fees must be paid prior to the clubs commencing or in the allotted time.

11.Payment is charged for each term, which consists of the 1stday back at school until the last day of each term.

12.The charges apply to each full/half term and no refunds will be given to children starting or ending the term late/early. All bookings are on a “space per child” basis.

13.Cash, cheques, online payments and bank transfer are the only recognised payment methods.


14.Cancellation by Active8 Minds: Active8 Minds will strive to ensure all session go ahead as planned. In the event of an unforeseen cancellation an alternative session will be offered in lieu or a credit note will be issued

15.Cancellation by customer: if your child can not attend due to illness, family commitments, a holiday, or any other reason, Active8 Minds will not offer a refund.

15a. Cancellation by the school:  Active8 Minds will not be liable to offer refunds if any sessions are cancelled as a result of school closures.

15b. Adverse weather: Active8 Minds will not offer any refunds if a session is cancelled by the school due to adverse weather.

16.If your child is ill or injured and cannot continue with the programme and a valid doctors certificate/letter is produced Active8 Minds will credit the remaining balance upon receipt of the letter (credited within 5 working days)

17.If your child is injured and unable to attend future sessions, a medical letter is required to prove such incident.  A full refund will be offered from the date we receive such evidence.

17a. No refund will be given for missed sessions.

17b. A refund will be offered when an online payment is made in error only.  This must be brought to the attention of the company with 48 hours of the payment being made.


18.If monies are not paid within the agreed allotted time, additional charges will be applicable

19.Additional charges for late payments – 10% of the total cost for the term, plus a £25 management fee will be added to the total bill.  This will be invoiced separately to the parent/guardian.

20.Unpaid fees will be subject to a county court order and/or sent to a 3rd party for collection. All additional costs accrued through this process will be added to the final bill.

21.Returned cheques will be charged an additional 10% on top of the original bill plus a £25 management fee and invoiced to the parent/guardian separately.

22.Late pick up or collection from any clubs is deemed every minute after the published finish time.

23.Late pick ups will be charged at £10 for the first 5 minutes or part of and £1 per minute thereafter.

24.Penalty charges will be invoiced separately and are made payable within 5 working days


25.Active8 Minds have public liability Insurance to a value of 10 million pounds, however, we will not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to personal property, belongings or effects prior too, during, or leaving our sessions.

26.Your child will not be able to participate in any of the Active8 Minds activities unless a signed and completed child participation form – signed by the parent or guardian- and compliance with payment method and terms and conditions have been agreed to.

27.Active8 Minds will not accept disruptive behaviour and while we will strive to understand each child’s needs, bad behaviour, bad language, bullying or anything else deemed inappropriate for our clubs will not be tolerated. This could lead to dismissal from our clubs with no refund for the remaining booked sessions.

28.Where possible, Active8 Minds will endeavour to deliver the session/s as described.  However, it is at the coach’s discretion to alter/change the sessions due to low numbers, bad weather, defective equipment/facilities or changes to the facilities in use.

29.Your child must be collected by the parent or guardian as named on the child signed participation form.

30.To avoid confusion and to uphold child safety Active8 Minds coaches will not allow your child to leave with anyone other than the named person/s on the signed child participation form or the person/s as agreed by the parent guardian (if late notice).

31.Active8 Minds will strive to uphold the school/establishment code of conduct and behavioural policy

32.Staff associated with Active8 Minds, may on occasion take pictures or videos for promotional purposes and may be uploaded onto our website, and/or used in promotional marketing material.

33.Pictures will not be distributed to a third party, nor will they be used for any purpose other than the website or promotional material

33a.  You are agreeing to receive marketing emails from Active8 Minds only.

33b.  Any information uploaded to social media by a customer must not be deemed detrimental towards the company, bring the company into disrepute or portray the company and it’s services in a negative light.  Any such wording or information will be removed and if deemed necessary, reported to the relevant authorities.

34.We understand there may be an unforeseen circumstance or occasion, which prevents you from picking up your child on time. A telephone call must be put into the staff at clubs (numbers are available on each clubs notice board and on our website) and the management to notify the staff of a late pick up. If however, this becomes a frequent event, late charges will apply. Persistent late pick ups will result in dismissal from clubs with no refund offered and additional fees to pay.

Booking forms & online bookings

35. Any bookings made via our website, online booking system or booking forms that are subject to a price error will be cancelled and the recipient will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

36. All bookings must be paid for prior to the event commencing or your booking will be cancelled, your child will lose their place and a financial penalty will be incurred.